Meeting Summary

We had a great meeting last night! Many thanks to our new officers Julia (treasurer) and Alice (secretary). Here’s a list of some upcoming events we talked about:

  • Feb 23: The Math/Stat department at South is hosting a high school math competition, and we need volunteers for proctoring tests. This involves sitting in a room in ILB for approximately two hours doing whatever you want that is quiet. The level of effort involved is approximately ε. On the other hand, I believe there will be food. Please contact Sonna Farmer if you are interested.
  • Mar 23: USA also hosts GEMS (Girls Exploring Math and Science). This is an event where approximately 300-400 middle-school girls who show an interest in math and science visit USA and, among other things, attend two workshops. We are interested in anyone who would like to run a workshop. These are typically led by two people for a group of about 20 girls. The level of effort here is significantly greater than ε, but it is very rewarding (and looks great on a CV). There are several people in the department who have led workshops before and would be happy to answer any questions you might have or even possibly assist you in leading a workshop. If you are interested, contact Kalyn Hode, Trey Trampel, or Dr. Barnard, and we can put you in touch with the right people.
  • Apr 6: Troy MathFest 2013. This is a conference intended primarily for undergraduates where short talks are given by undergrads, grad students, and professors, all aimed at undergraduate mathematicians. It is free and should be a lot of fun (and there’s food). If you are interested in giving a 15 minute talk, you need to supply your information by March 15, and if you register by March 1 you can win prizes. There’s also a Calculus contest with cash prizes. We expect several people to go, so we can probably carpool. There are some travel funds available from Troy and possibly also from the USA Math/Stat department. Contact Kalyn, Trey, or Dr. Barnard if you are interested in going.
  • REUs! It’s not too late to register for an REU (research experience for undergraduates), but deadlines are fast approaching. They can be a lot of fun, look great on grad school applications, and can give you a much better idea of what it is mathematicians actually do. The AMS has a wonderful page on REUs. In particular, there is a wonderful REU called SMILE at LSU that Trey attended last year and absolutely loved. Look into it!

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